Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome Back -- PD Class in Session!

...And we're back!

The Spring semester is here, and so this blog jumps back into action. In particular, I'd like to greet the thirty or so GW undergraduates who have signed up for my Public Diplomacy course, SMPA 150. I am looking forward to the semester, and having a chance to explore with you the most dynamic aspect of diplomacy and international relations today -- namely, the public dimension.

When it comes to capturing the flavor of the workaday practice of public diplomacy, a picture generally is not worth a thousand words. How compelling can a photo of a book donation, for instance, or a teacher training seminar, ever be? The "action" would have to be captured in the proverbial hearts and minds of interlocutors rather than via a camera lens. Still, by way of introduction, here's a short bio and a few photographs of my own modest efforts at public diplomacy at my last overseas posting in Romania.

Remarks on 125th Anniversary of U.S.-Romanian relations

Delivering relief to flood-damaged town

Visiting a USAID-supported wheelchair factory

At an anti-racism youth soccer event

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